Have you heard about CBVD –Cannabinodivarin?

Have you heard about CBVD –Cannabinodivarin?

We all are familiar with the popular cannabis plant, thanks to its medicinal benefits which helps in the treatment of many chronic medical conditions. While there are many compounds found in the unique cannabis plant, CBN or Cannabinol is one of the well-recognized cannabinoids present in the cannabis sativa.

CBN is eminent for its therapeutic benefits. Indeed it is not as famous as its other counterparts such as CBD and THC.

Understanding Cannabinol and Its Related Compounds

Cannabinol is formed during the degradation process or when THC cannabinoid is oxidized. As soon as tetrahydrocannabinol – THC is fully exposed to the elements, the compound ultimately breaks down to Cannabinol – CBN. The plant has a number of medicinal properties and possesses quite minimal psychoactive effects. In other words, we can say that CBN is aged THC.

As we know cannabis has hundreds of compounds. Some of these compounds are well researched and are best known for their medicinal effects. On the other hand, some of the compounds are yet to be discovered. There is still a lot of research work that must be done before we evidently claim them to possess similar or distinctive therapeutic effects. One of these compounds is known as Cannabinodivarin – CBVD.

Cannabinodivarin or CBVD is present in cannabis plant and is one of the compounds of Cannabinol. So far we have not conducted any kind of research work or studies to discover the chemical properties of the compound. However, CBVD belongs to the Cannabinol category so we can assume that it also contain similar properties. Perhaps CBVD also possesses therapeutic properties like pain relief, appetite stimulant, anti-inflammatory, or bone regeneration. These are some of the many benefits provided by Cannabinol – CBN, in addition to being used as a sleep aid.

In comparison to CBD and THC, even CBN is not yet fully discovered. There are still some ongoing research studies which are likely to discover several distinctive properties of this popular cannabis compound. For now, CBVD is an unknown cannabis compound to us as we cannot be sure of its effects on the human body or its tendency to treat any medical condition like other cannabis compounds.

Indeed, there are many pieces of evidence that suggest significant benefits of CBN. Among 85 discovered cannabinoids, Cannabinol is one of the most powerful sedatives. This makes Cannabinol a promising element for the treatment of people that suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, and other similar sleep disorders. Cannabinol is known to possess little-to-no psychoactive effects, which also increases the chances of CBVD to be a non-psychoactive compound.

Many people confuse CBD with CBN as the name bears a significant resemblance. Cannabinol offers a distinctive profile of effects and advantages that make researchers clamor for an additional scientific investigation.CBN has no intoxicating effects.

The major reason for the lack of research links with the ongoing legalization debate of cannabis all over the world. This debate limits the research work that may otherwise be conducted and Cannabinodivarin is no exception to it.

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