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Vape Review: The Wax Maxer by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Rob reviews the Wax Maxer Vaporizer Pen by 7th Floor Vapes. The Wax Maxer by 7th Floor Vapes This new release from 7th Floor Vapes, the Wax Maxer Portable Vaporizer, sure is making waves. The new design and new features that have been put into this pen are quite apparent. This pen is going to […]

Accessory Review: King Palm Natural Leaf Wraps

Today, Alex reviews the King Palm Natural Leaf Wrap with some Gorilla Glue #4. King Palm Natural Wrap If you are anything like me, you are a kid in a candy shop when discovering new ways to enjoy herb. Today, we have something special that we reviewed, the King Palm Blunt Wraps. The King Palm […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Papaya from BioMeds

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Papaya grown by BioMeds. Papaya by BioMeds Papaya is an indica dominant hybrid developed by Nirvana Seeds and grown by BioMeds in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a cross between Citral #13 x Ice #2 phenotypes. These specific strains when crossed together using different phenotypes delivers similar terpene profiles […]

Cannabis Accessory Review: Character Picks by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Maddy reviews the super versatile Character Picks by 7th Floor Vapes. Character Picks by 7th Floor Vapes    Are you tired of leaving concentrates on your dab tool? Well look no further, these characters picks are exactly what you are looking for. This state of the art design allows the concentrates to melt off […]

Glass Review: Envy Pop Rock Water Filter

Glass Review: Envy Pop Rock Water Filter In their words at Envy: OUR START Envy Glass Designs is a family owned company and has been operating since 2005.  We have a dozen employees in areas ranging from glassblowing to packing and receiving to premium customer service, sales, and operations. CORE BELIEFS Provide outstanding service to our Customers Foster […]

Vaporizer Review: CFX by Boundless

Today, Rob reviews that Boundless CFX Portable Vaporizer. Boundless CFX The CFX is a portable vape that has attempted to capitalize on some design features of other higher end vapes. When I opened this vape and went through the box, they include a concentrate adaptor for the oven, which I find a little sketchy with […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Chemdawg by The Chronic Boutique

Today, we review the strain Chem Dog from The Chronic Boutique. Chemdawg by The Chronic Boutiques Chemdawg has created quite a name for itself over the past years with mysterious origins, amazing flavor, and superb breeding results. The cannabis strain has made its mark on the industry for years to come. The original parents are […]

Glass Review: ZOB Fountain Perc with Splash Guard Water Pipe

ZOB Fountain Perc with Splash Guard Water Pipe Zob Glass is a vendor of scientific glass functional water pipes.  The company operates out of southern California company, Zob Glass has been in the glass industry for 14 years. Founded in 2004, Zob Glass is no newcomer to the glass art. The emphasis that Zob Glass […]

Glass Review: Blown Tree Perc Water Filter/Pipe

Glass Review: Blown Tree Perc Water Filter/Pipe   Blown Glass presents a pretty big line of products comprising of a wide variety of bongs, bubblers and ash catchers.  They also have a full line of accessories available to add to their line of glass. Blown glass blowers have the skills to make smoking pipes from […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Bruce Banner #3 FSE by Wax Poetic (Grow Life 719)

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Bruce Banner #3 in a Full Spectrum Extraction (FSE) Sauce. Bruce Banner #3 FSE Sauce by Wax Poetic (Grow Life 719) Bruce Banner, better known as the alter-ego of the Incredible Hulk, has three main phenotypes, but number 3 seems to be the most popular. Wax Poetic, Grow Life […]
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