Cannabis Accessory Review: Character Picks by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Maddy reviews the super versatile Character Picks by 7th Floor Vapes.

Character Picks by 7th Floor Vapes 


Are you tired of leaving concentrates on your dab tool? Well look no further, these characters picks are exactly what you are looking for. This state of the art design allows the concentrates to melt off of your tool seamlessly with very little clean up needed. You will finally get the dab you deserve because unlike any other metal dabber before, this has a glass figurine on top! Now you can finally personalize your style.


These unique glass picks are used far and wide, and for any purpose you desire. This one of a kind pick is extremely helpful for cleaning out resin in bowls and the air holes in glass pieces. Getting trapped flower out of your grinder can be tedious, but using the hip metal dabber with a custom figurine on top will make it enjoyable and easy!

Not only are these unique dabber picks good for cleaning your bowls, but they can be a cute addition to your herb garden for a splash of color. But it doesn’t stop there, it is also useful for parting your hair, You can even stick a cute character in your bun/ponytail. Alright, guys now stop at and pick yourself up a new rig with a custom dab pick!

Visit to get yours today!



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