Cannabis Strain Review: Papaya from BioMeds

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Papaya grown by BioMeds.

Papaya by BioMeds

Papaya is an indica dominant hybrid developed by Nirvana Seeds and grown by BioMeds in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a cross between Citral #13 x Ice #2 phenotypes. These specific strains when crossed together using different phenotypes delivers similar terpene profiles but is called Mango. These specific phenos create a sweet, tropical cannabis bouquet.

Papaya tested in at 20.78% THC and had some amazing visual aesthetics. The orange hairs were crawling all over this nugget, giving it a nice tropical color in contrast to the light green hue of this specific cannabis strain. The aroma was very unique! It has sooo many different tropical flavors when putting it through the smell and vape test. Pineapple, mango, papayas, and guanabana flavors explode from the first rip!

The flavor of this strain was out of this world. It tasted like you were eating a handful of Tropical Runts. So many different sweet, citrus notes developed as the vaping process continued and finished with a little spiciness on the back of my tongue as it finished roasting. Sometimes, that flavor can be described as, peppery or spicy.

The effects of this strain were outstanding. Even though it is an Indica dominant hybrid, I got a lot of sativa effects. I was more talkative than normal, but that soon was followed by dry mouth that impeded my ability to talk. The dry mouth was a definite side effect of this strain. A few other effects that I noticed included pain reduction, stress relief, and this strain is known to help insomnia. This strain might not be for novice user due to its extreme effects, but you should definitely try and grab some of this flower when you have the chance. HIGHly Recommended 7.2/8

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