Vaporizer Review: FireFly2 Portable Vaporizer

Today, Rob reviews the FireFly 2 portable vaporizer in the ELEV8 Presents Studios.


This device is a convection vape, meaning you are pulling heated air over your material, it does both dry herbs and concentrates. It also is Bluetooth enabled, which to access the device and perform the firmware update it will need to be connected.

The FF2 has been one vape I had my eye on for quite some time. Once I had performed the updated, I charged both batteries (yes plural, they include 2), with a 2.1 amp plug to make sure the fast charge was working. It took about 45 minutes for each battery with fast charge. They include the dock station and USB cable, but no wall adapter.

The packaging is very intricate, though it should be for a vape that cost $330.00. There are some concentrate pads (3x), cleaning kit (2 alcohol wipes, a small brush, and 2 plastic picks) included.
If you are using the device without the app, it’s a hassle to cycle through the heat settings, as you would have to tap left side button 3 times then the right side, that’s a mess. It is not user-friendly.
I have tested many variants of material vs. how fast or slow I draw. I have found hot spots on one particular spot in my oven. After multiple attempts with different grinds vs. how slow or fast, I pulled. The results that were satisfactory were very few and far between.

Connecting this thing to the app allows much better access to customizing your experience. Though I would set it to 500 degrees put the concentrate pad in and use it only as such.
When loading it with concentrates, make sure one of the stainless-steel pads are firmly seating in the oven, load what your average load would be, make sure the faceplate is secure on top, heat the device. While this is happening, you are going to have to “prime” the pad. Take a few hard pulls, sucking that hot air through the pad. Once you see it melt in, then you are ready to begin your session.

The mouthpiece has a small screen that I almost lost while cleaning, the surfaces get dirty quickly. It may only take a quick wipe with an alcohol pad, but they only give you 2.

Overall, paying $330 is way too much for something that can only do concentrates will.

Visit to get yours today!

P.S. There is a sound that sounds as if high winds are kicking up around your eardrums. This is very annoying.

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