Accessory Review: Roll Uh Bowl

Today, we review the Roll Uh Bowl smoking accessory.

Roll Uh Bowl

The Roll uh Bowl is a water pipe that is bendable, portable, foldable, and indestructible! It is perfect for smoking on the go, on a kike, or for the friend who always breaks your things. Roll uh Bowl bong is a silicone water pipe that folds and can be stored just about anywhere when you are not using it.Image result for roll uh bowl

Whether you’re a climber, biker, kayaker, skier or just enjoy being on the go, Roll-uh-Bowl® is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. When you’re not using your Roll-uh-Bowl®, the bowl and down stem are securely stored inside the folded unit ensuring safekeeping until you’re ready to rock.

Grab your Roll uh Bowl and head out on an adventure, and don’t forget to bring your grinder! you are going to need it! Stay ELEVATED & EDUCATED!

• 8″ Tall

• Folds in half for easy storage

• Grade VI Healthcare Silicone

• Easy to clean – Dishwasher Safe

• Made in the USA

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