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Glass Review: Liquid Sci Glass Pigtail Coil Perc

Glass Review: Liquid Sci Glass Pigtail Coil Perc Their Story Liquid Sci Glass is a San Diego, California based company created by the artists over at ROOR. Since their inception in 2010, Liquid Sci Glass has set a new standard in the glass industry for customer service and interaction. Their glass has consistently maintained affordable […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Kandy Kush

Today, Alex review’s the super indica cross, Kandy Kush. Will it live up to its parents, Trainwreck and OG Kush’s effects? Find out! Kandy Kush by Grow Life 719 Kandy Kush has some of my favorite genetics all wrapped up into one beautiful cannabis strain. This medicine, grown by Grow Life 719, is a super indica […]

Cannabis Review: Gorilla Glue #4 OG Raw Rosin

Today, Alex reviews Gorilla Glue #4 OG Raw Rosin. Has Alex finally met his cannabis match? Gorilla Glue #4 OG Raw Rosin by Altitude Organic Medicine Do you know the difference between rosin and resin? Have you tried Raw Rosin before? All those answers will be answered in this very special strain review. Raw Rosin […]

Vaporizer Review: Magic Flight Launch Box

Today, Rob reviews the Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer. Magic Flight Launch Box The Magic Flight Launch Box, out of the box, if very interesting. It is a convection vape, that uses rechargeable batteries to heat the trench. This little guy is very analog feeling. It does take some technique to get a proper draw […]

Cannabis Accessory Review: Grinders by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Maddy reviews the Grinders by 7th Floor Vapes. Will they crush the competition? Grinders by 7th Floor Vapes Hey, humans its Maddy from elev8 showing you another essential starter product. Picking a grinder is different for every cannabis consumer thankfully 7th Floor Vapes has a large line of grinders for all of your herb […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Death Valley Cheese Live Resin

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain review Death Valley Cheese Live Resin. Death Valley Cheese Live Resin by Garden of the Budz Death Valley Cheese Live Resin extracted by Garden of the Budz lived up to its name; my mouth was drier than Death Valley in the middle of summer. This supercross of Deadhead OG […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Double Bubba

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Double Bubba. Will it live up to its Kush lineage? Double Bubba by The Chronic Boutique Have you ever been so high you have an out of body experience? Well, I didn’t feel like I was outside of my body, but I sure was f#cking sconed after vaping a […]

Glass Review: Trident’s Red Octopus Bong

Trident Glass: Red Octopus Glass Bong Trident Glass has done it again with this Red Octopus Glass Bong. This American company is located in Oregon with a team consisted of these amazing lampworkers: Adam Armstrong, Dana Dickinson, Drake Masuda, Shane White, Heath Harmon. This hand-made piece of art includes a handcrafted and painted Red Octopus […]

Vaporizer Review: Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer

Today, Rob reviews the Volcano Digit a Desktop Vaporizer. Is it worth the hype? Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer Storz & Bickel are famous for producing an array of top of the line vapes. Located in Germany, Volcano has been around for more than a decade. The Volcano comes in two versions: Classic (not as precise […]

Vaporizer Review: The Sidekick by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Rob reviews the SideKick portable vaporizer for dry herbs or concentrates by 7th Floor Vapes. SideKick Portable Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes The Sidekick portable vaporizer from 7th Floor Vapes is all inclusive vaporizer kit for dry herbs or concentrates. It came in a handy carrying case with tons of goodies. Inside they include a […]
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