Cannabis Strain Review: Bruce Banner #3 FSE by Wax Poetic (Grow Life 719)

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Bruce Banner #3 in a Full Spectrum Extraction (FSE) Sauce.

Bruce Banner #3 FSE Sauce by Wax Poetic (Grow Life 719)

Bruce Banner, better known as the alter-ego of the Incredible Hulk, has three main phenotypes, but number 3 seems to be the most popular. Wax Poetic, Grow Life 719’s extraction line, produced an amazing FSE Sauce from the cannabis strain, Bruce Banner #3. The breeders, Dark Horse Genetics, knocked it out of the park with this cannabis strain. A supercross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, this cannabis packs serious flavor and Wax Poetic definitely preserved those tasty terps!

This Sativa dominant hybrid is known for testing in at extremely high THC levels for sativas. The extraction was tested at 92.9% THC, which is outrageous! The only thing the Hulk is going to smash after this is some Taco Bell. This strain tested so high, in fact, it is still known as one of the highest tested strain at the Cannabis Cup. This sauce was full of GIGANTIC diamonds that delightfully wrecked my afternoon.

The effects of this cannabis strain were immediately noticed with an instant head high behind the eyes and a warm feeling in my face. Fast forward ten minutes and three dabs, my head high turned into a happy, euphoric, relaxing high. Although, it may have been relaxing and uplifting; I was super f#cking baked.

The flavor was insane! These sweet, earthy diesel notes paired with very light berry flavors; was like vaping dessert. There was only one way to describe that flavor, Captain Crunch All Berries. Forget those tiny yellow trash buckets that cut the roof of your mouth, fill your bowl with All Berries. This extraction tasted just like candy!

 As I finished this review, I knew I was going to need an adult. I was SUPER BAKED (watch clip for validity)! This strain has such strong effects, it is known to help treat patients with depression, anxiety, and severe muscle pain. Highly Recommended 7.6/8  

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