OH-iso-HHCV – Conversion of Cannabidiol to Cannabinoids in Artificial Gastric Juice

OH-iso-HHCV – Conversion of Cannabidiol to Cannabinoids in Artificial Gastric Juice

As we know CBD or Cannabidiol is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid. It was found that it can be converted to 8-OH-iso-HHC and 9α-OH-HHC together with Δ9-THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid, as well as Cannabinol in non-natural gastric juice.

These cannabinoids were actually identified by GC-MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) by comparison with the authentic compound’s spectral data. The pharmacological effects of 8-OH-iso-HHC and 9α-OH-HHC in mice were first examined by using hypothermia, catalepsy, antinociception and pentobarbital-induced sleep prolongation against acetic acid-induced writhing like indices.

The dose produced 15 to 90 minutes of hypothermia after administration, even though 9α-OH-HHC completely failed to make such an effect with the same dose.

However, both of the HHCs remarkably prolonged the pentobarbital-induced sleeping time by almost 1.8 to 8.0 times in comparison to the control solution with around 1% Tween 80-saline.

As per the demonstration of this study, CBD can be changed into Δ9-THC along with its related cannabinoids, 8-OH-iso-HHC and 9α-OH-HHC, in artificial gastric juice. These HHCs showed their effects, like Δ9-THC, in mice even though the pharmacological effects of them were less potent than the effects of Δ9-THC.

CBD is the component of the cannabis that is already well researched and we already recognize its physical and chemical properties. However, we cannot claim all this information to be conclusive. There is a great need for more research work and especially clinical trials to study these components wholly and to ensure their consumption or use with surety.

CBD Development

There is a considerable promise in CBD development as the medicine. As per the current evidence, the gastric conversion of famous CBD to THC has been consistently observed during multiple studies in the past half-century. Indeed, the conditions in which it happens and the following clinical consequences still remain uncertain.

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