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Jelly Hash

What does Jelly Hash mean? Jelly hash is an exceptionally potent form of hash. It normally contains eight parts bubble hash and one part oil. However, jelly hash techniques vary, and most extraction artists keep their mixture’s ratio secret. Oftentimes, jelly hash is created by mixing kief with hash oil. Most hash oil is made utilizing butane […]


What does Joint mean? Joint is the term applied to a marijuana cigarette – cannabis bud material rolled in a cigarette paper, and then smoked. It is similar to other means of smoking marijuana, such as blunts and spliffs, but is unique due to the small size and the use of rolling papers, rather than tobacco leaves […]

Jasmonic Acid (JA)

What does Jasmonic Acid (JA) mean? Jasmonic acid (JA), also known commercially as Jasmonate, is a hormone produced by many plants. It is believed to play an integral role in a plant’s defense against consumption by herbivores. If the plant sustains sudden damage from a chomping herbivore, it immediately releases jasmonic acid in response to the damage. […]

How to: Roll a Perfect Joint

You want to know, but don’t know how to ask. We know how it is. How do you roll a joint? Grinder your herb in a good grinder Pull out the paper and put it between your fingers.  Then fill with paper with herb making a pile with two mounds.  (these mounds will even out […]

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