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Alien Skin

What does Alien Skin Mean? Alien Skin is a form of encasement and many times a form of bubble trap.  Elev8 Premier makes alien skin by fuming a tube with gold and silver that has been rolled to get indents  These indents become small air bubbles while also allowing the fume to concentrate. More Info on Alien […]


What does Atomizer Mean? The atomizer is the heating element on a vaporizer which converts liquids to vapors that can be inhaled. More Info On Fleet Farming More info on Atomizer The atomizer is typically an “umbrella” term that’s used to describe the heater such as e-coils (heaters), as well as the wick, which delivers the e-liquid juice to […]


<div class=”dict-text”> <div class=”dict-description”>An aromatic compound which gives a blue pigment to some plants and fungi. It is sometimes found in cannabis, and can be concentrated during the distillation or extraction process.</div> </div> <div class=”dict-image”></div> cannabis encyclopedia

Axillary Bud

What does Axillary Bud mean? An axillary bud is a sprout that develops in the axil of a plant, which is the angle formed by the upper side of the stem and an outgrowing leaf or branch. These embryonic shoots develop exogenously from the outer-cortex layer of the plant at the axillary intersection and eventually grow into […]


What does Axil mean? An axil is an angle between the upper side of a leaf and the stem from which it grows. Knowing the location of the axil helps you to locate the bud, because in flowering plants buds develop in the axils of leaves. These types of buds are known as axillary buds. An axil […]

Available Water Supply

What does Available Water Supply mean? Available water supply is a term used in horticulture that refers to the amount of water that is stored in soil and available for plants. In other words, available water supply refers to the amount of water that is present and readily available for plant uptake. It does not include the […]


What does Auxins mean? An auxin is a plant hormone that is primarily involved in regulating plant growth. Auxins are the main cause behind the elongation of cells in plants. Auxins, however, have different effects on the roots and the shoots of a plant. A high auxin concentration in the shoot can cause the shoot’s cells to […]

Autotrophic Nutrition

What does Autotrophic Nutrition mean? Autotrophic nutrition is the process of an organism being able to create/produce its own food. Autotrophic nutrition refers to a nutritional system whereby complex full molecules essential for life emerge through photosynthesis. This includes compounds such as fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Minerals, water, and carbon dioxide have a direct impact on autotrophic […]

Automatic Trimmer

What does Automatic Trimmer mean? An automatic trimmer is a tool used for trimming leaves and buds from marijuana plants. It is less labor intensive than hand trimming, but is generally only possible if you have dried the plant first. Included in the automatic trimmer category of cannabis processing equipment are both hand-held automatic (electric) trimmers, as […]

Automated Gardening System

What does Automated Gardening Systemmean? An automated gardening system refers to a garden where all aspects of gardening are automated. The most common component element of gardening that becomes automated is watering – drip irrigation is a prime example. However, other elements in today’s modern garden can also be automated, including humidity control, lighting, temperatures, fertilizer […]
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