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Alien Skin

What does Alien Skin Mean? Alien Skin is a form of encasement and many times a form of bubble trap.  Elev8 Premier makes alien skin by fuming a tube with gold and silver that has been rolled to get indents  These indents become small air bubbles while also allowing the fume to concentrate. More Info on Alien […]


A term similar to recreational that is selectively used by some state legislatures to describe cannabis dispensaries that serve patrons ages 21 and older.   To get into the adult-use dispensary, you just need to bring a state-issued ID to prove that you’re over 21.   Calfornia’s adult-use policy allows consumers to carry up to […]


Everything You Need to Know About Anxiolytics Anti-anxiety drugs or Anxiolytics are the famous categories of drugs that are used to inhibit anxiety and to treat many anxiety associated disorders. However, these drugs can be habit-forming and rather work instantly. Anxiolytic Properties of Cannabis and the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress As per the recent research […]

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