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What is the meaning of DOJA? Doja is another name for cannabis or marijuana. More info On Doja You got some doja to smoke on? Damn that doja is fire!! No seeds in my doja, it must be some ses! Cannabis Encyclopedia

Dub Sack

What does Dub Sack mean? A dub sack is a measure of cannabis that costs $20.  It’s not really a weight as prices are different around the world, yet a dub sack is always $20 worth of weed. Or its a new bag from Steve K. More info on Dub Sack Back in the day, a […]

Dutch Style Nutrients

What does Dutch Style Nutrients mean? In the hydroponics industry, dutch-style nutrients are considered two-part fertilizer or nutrient delivery systems where there are separate bottles, often labeled A and B, for the growth stage of plant development, as well as two more separate bottles for the bloom stage of plant development, also labeled A and B. If […]

Durban Poison

What does Durban Poison mean? Durban Poison is a strain of pure sativa that originated in South Africa, within the city of Durban, to be specific. It is best known for its sweet aroma, as well as for the uplifting mental effect it creates. It is also a popular strain with concentrate manufacturers, thanks to its very […]

Dugout System

What does Dugout System mean? In cannabis culture, a dugout system is a small portable box about the size of a cigarette lighter. One side holds a small pipe, known as a bat or a one-hitter pipe, and the other side gives you a place to store your weed. Dugout systems are a great way to store […]

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

What does Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner mean? A ductless mini-split air conditioner is an excellent solution for indoor gardeners seeking to ensure their grow room remains a closed system, while providing good temperature control and reducing utility usage. One of the primary differences between a central, forced-air system and a mini-split is that the latter does not […]


What does Dugout mean? A dugout, also called a dugout system, is a handmade wooden box that is discreetly designed to hold a one-hitter and a bit of cannabis. The box is typically designed into two sections. The slide-out section of the box stores the one-hitter and is typically spring-loaded so the small pipe pops out. The […]


What does Dub mean? The cannabis slang term ‘dub’ usually refers to $20 worth of weed. The term came about as a secretive and evasive way to ask for marijuana so that anyone overhearing the conversation would not know what was truly being discussed. Dub was always a common word used to describe 20-inch tire rims. However, […]


What does Drying mean? After cannabis plants are harvested, a drying process needs to take place before their buds are ready for curing. When marijuana is first harvested, it is still a green plant filled with chlorophyll, which isn’t suitable for smoking. For this reason, the plants must go through a drying process. There are a few […]

Dry Well

What does Dry Well mean? Composed mainly of perforated pipes, dry wells refer to underground structures that can help dissipate runoff water in gardens. These types of wells have also been shown to filter toxic chemicals that could potentially harm the plants by redirecting any runoff into a gravel-lined pit. A dry well can come in extremely […]
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