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What does Fusarium mean? Fusarium is a soil-borne plant pathogen. Once the soil has been contaminated by a fusarium fungus, the fungi will reside in the area indefinitely. Fusarium can affect many types of plants, ornamental flowers, and crops that are planted in the afflicted location. Fusarium produces a wilt disease in plants and is sometimes called […]


What does Furrow mean? A furrow is a shallow trench that is dug into the soil for planting seeds or seedlings. Historically, furrows were created using only a hand hoe. Nowadays, commercial farmers produce long furrows across a field using a furrower, which is a mechanical digger. Some gardeners opt to purchase a specialized furrow attachment that […]

Fungus Gnat

What does Fungus Gnat mean? Fungus gnats are tiny winged insects that fly around the plants they infest. Growers typically notice the fungus gnats buzzing around the soil at the base of their cannabis plants. The larvae of the gnats grow in the soil and are especially prevalent if the soil is kept excessively moist. A female […]


What does Fungus mean? A fungus belongs to a group of eurykratic unicellular or multicellular organisms. Fungi (plural) usually grow as a long, tubular, threadlike structure with tips at the end of their hyphae. A fungus without the growth of hyphae is usually unicellular. Some examples of fungi include mushrooms, yeast, and mildew. Edible fungi are used […]


Definition – What does Fungistat mean? A fungistat, or fungistatic, is an antifungal agent that prevents fungus from growing. These applications are used in many different gardening situations, including indoor/hydroponics set-ups where fungus can easily gain a hold. A fungistat is a chemical that can be applied to either a plant or a growth medium that inhibits […]


What does Fungicide mean? A fungicide is a substance, often a chemical, that is used to kill fungi, fungal spores, and fungal infections. There are both natural fungicides and synthetic fungicides available. In general, commercial fungicides, which are usually synthetic, are commonly used in horticulture in order to kill fungal pathogens that have infected plants. More Info […]

Full Melt

What does Full Melt mean? The term full melt, or full melt bubble hash, refers to a type of cannabis hash. It is a cannabis resin concentrate that is usually obtained via an ice and water extraction method. However, full melt hash can also be extracted using a dry sieve process. Both extraction processes are solvent-less and […]

Fruiting Habit

What does Fruiting Habit mean? Fruiting habit is a term used to describe the way in which fruit forms and grows on woody plants, such as trees and some vegetable plants, like green beans. The term bearing habit can be used interchangeably with fruiting habit. Flowering habit is a related, but not interchangeable term. More Info On Fruiting […]

Frost Tolerant

What does Frost Tolerant mean? The term “frost tolerant” means that a plant has a high hardiness rating, and can withstand not only freezing temperatures, but will also likely survive light to moderate frosts, which can kill plants that are cold tolerant, but not frost tolerant. More Info On Frost Tolerant Frost tolerant is a term applied to […]


What does Frond mean? A frond is a form of a leaf that is commonly found on ferns or palms. The frond is typically a long leave that has a pinnately compound leaf structure. The word ‘frond’ is derived from the Latin word frond, which translates to ‘leaf’. Most fronds are featherlike in appearance. They feature a […]
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