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What does Nutrients mean? Nutrients are required to grow healthy cannabis plants. Hydroponic and soil growth methods all rely on key nutrients to produce an abundant crop of buds. In order for a marijuana plant to readily absorb nutrients, they must be water soluble. Most commercial nutrient preparations geared towards cannabis cultivation come in two forms ‘growth’ […]

Nutrient Strength

What does Nutrient Strength mean? Nutrient strength is the intensity of the nutrient solution or fertilizer used when growing plants. All plants require nutrients to thrive and produce fruit, and in hydroponics all nutrition is received from the horticulturalist. For this reason monitoring nutrient strength is extremely important for hydroponics where no nutrients are derived naturally. More […]

Nutrient Stagnation

What does Nutrient Stagnation mean? In hydroponics, nutrient stagnation describes a situation in an indoor growing application where a water/nutrient mix, known as a nutrient solution, sits for too long without being taken up by plant roots. It can stagnate (ceases movement), and mold and mildew can begin to proliferate. Nutrient stagnation is a particular concern when […]

Nutrient Reservoir

What does Nutrient Reservoir mean? In a hydroponic system, plants need to have access to both a growing medium for support and stability, as well as nutrients. A nutrient reservoir is used to hold the water/nutrient mixture plants need for strong growth and good health. Reservoirs can be virtually any size, and can be made from almost […]

Nutrient Lockout

What does Nutrient Lockout mean? Nutrient lockout is a term that simply means a plant is unable to access a particular nutrient or group of nutrients from the soil or grow medium around it. More specifically, nutrient lockout is a situation in which the roots of your plants are unable to take up the nutrients present, and […]

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

What does Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)mean? The nutrient film technique (NFT) is a hydroponic growing technique where a small, shallow stream of nutrient-rich water is recirculated over roots through a channel, gutter, or tube. Developed in the 1960s by Dr. Allen Cooper, the NFT has become a standard practice essential to hydroponic cultivation. The nutrient film […]

Nutrient Feeding Schedule

What does Nutrient Feeding Schedule mean? A nutrient feeding schedule is the process of fertilizing a plant throughout its entire life cycle. Nutrient feeding schedules are often included with hydroponic nutrients and other types of fertilizers purchased from the store. They are sometimes referred to as feed charts. Nutrient feeding schedules are particularly important in hydroponics, where […]

Nutrient Doser

What does Nutrient Doser mean? A nutrient doser is a system of equipment that helps maintain pH and nutrient levels in a hydroponics system. Some nutrient dosers come equipped to monitor four or more solutions and with probes that measure the reservoir of the fertilizer or other chemicals. This tool initiates automatic dosing at pre-configured levels. An […]

Nutrient Chiller

What does Nutrient Chiller mean? A nutrient chiller is a cooling device used in hydroponics to maintain a proper temperature of the nutrient solution in a reservoir or tank. Nutrient chillers are sometimes referred to as water chillers and can sometimes be combined with a nutrient heater, leading to convenient, all-in-one heating and cooling of a hydroponics […]

Nutrient Burn

What does Nutrient Burn mean? In horticulture, nutrient burn refers to the physical manifestation of symptoms that occur in your plants after providing them with too much fertilizer. It is also called fertilizer burn or root burn, and results in dead, dying, or drying plants that should otherwise be healthy. Nutrient burn can manifest in a couple […]
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