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Glass Review Of A Beautiful Noble Soft Glass Water Pipe

Beautiful Noble Soft Glass Water Pipe Noble Glass was started over 10 years ago by Emirc.   This piece can be purchased from Elev8 Glass Gallery for only $90.  The first thing we need to mention is that soft glass is not really softer than hard (borosilicate) glass.  Soft and hard glass refers mostly to the amount […]

Glass Reviews by Elev8 Presents And How We Do It

Elev8 Presents The Ultimate Glass Review System Why are we doing glass reviews? This series of blogs is to get some proper information out there where it can easily be found.  Also, being in this wild west of an industry we at Elev8 Presents felt there needed to be a solid place to get solid […]

Glass Bong Review On ROOR Tech

Double Barrel Perc by ROOR ROOR has been making water filters for about 23 years.  It was founded 1995 by Martin Birzle, a German glass-blower.   This piece can be purchased from Elev8 Glass Gallery for $500.  One thing I learned while doing this review is that ROOR makes glass no thinner than 5mm thick.  Also, I found […]

Glass Bong Double Uptake Recycler by Elev8 Glass

Double Uptake Inline Klien Cycler By Elev8 Glass In this review, we are taking a look at this amazing double uptake recycler dabbing or vaping rig by Elev8 Glass.  This piece can be purchased from Elev8 Glass Gallery.  With the rise in demand for foreign glass and the advancing quality of the glass, you can be assured […]

Glass Review: 12 Tree Perc with an Inline Pre-Perc Water Pipe

Elev8 Glass 12 Tree Perc With Inline Perc Today is a review on an Elev8 Foreign Artisan Glass water pipe.  When I first look at this piece I am amazed at how clean it it.  Then as I look closer I am very happy with how well all the parts are put together.  Having the skill […]

Glass Review: Gandalf Pipe by Starfish Designs

The Original Gandalf By Starfish Designs Today we had the joy of doing our very first glass review, and we got to do it on a great piece by Starfish Designs.  I have had the fortune to meet Andy years ago when I too was doing my first trade show.  WOW, time flys.  Starfish has […]

Elev8 Presents Glass Reviews Judging System

The System We Use To Judge Glass Here at Elev8 Presents, we wanted to try our best at reviewing glass.  The biggest thing I see out there with glass reviews is that the glass is being reviewed by someone that has little or no experience as a glass blower.  Without the years of knowledge, I […]

Dab Spoons turn down for what???

Terp Spoon, Dab Spoon, Sauce Spoon or Distillate Spoon??? Each day in this industry is like a brand new day in evolution.  Last week I had a friend from Garden of the Budz hit me up to ask about these spoons.  I was like ya, those are neat and look fun to make.  Not only […]

First Look: ELEV8R Glass Vape from 7th Floor Vapes

Today we have BJ from 7th Floor Vapes in to talk about the new all-glass ELEV8R Vape. Check it out! ELEV8 Presents is for 18+ users and is in compliance with Colorado state laws.
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