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Glass Review: Symbiartic Glass

Glass Review: Symbiartic Glass Their Story Symbiartic Glass was founded by Tyler Golz, who was formerly employed as a lampworker for 5 years in New Jersey. As a glass blower, he has crafted many unique designs, including the chandelier perc and its many variations. The focus of Symbiartic’s glass art is form and function. As […]

Glass Review: Liquid Sci Glass Pigtail Coil Perc

Glass Review: Liquid Sci Glass Pigtail Coil Perc Their Story Liquid Sci Glass is a San Diego, California based company created by the artists over at ROOR. Since their inception in 2010, Liquid Sci Glass has set a new standard in the glass industry for customer service and interaction. Their glass has consistently maintained affordable […]

Glass Review: Trident’s Red Octopus Bong

Trident Glass: Red Octopus Glass Bong Trident Glass has done it again with this Red Octopus Glass Bong. This American company is located in Oregon with a team consisted of these amazing lampworkers: Adam Armstrong, Dana Dickinson, Drake Masuda, Shane White, Heath Harmon. This hand-made piece of art includes a handcrafted and painted Red Octopus […]

Glass Review: Maui Wowie BooTube Water Pipe

Glass Review: Maui Wowie BooTube Water Pipe In their words: The Maui Wowie proudly presents the Bootube – an unbreakable peace pipe made from certified organic black bamboo, sustainably grown & handmade on Maui. As the global community has become more aware of our impact on the planet, we have a calling to return to harmony with Nature. […]

Glass Review: Medicali Double Honeycomb Water Filter/Pipe

Glass Review: Medicali Double Honeycomb Water Filter/Pipe Medicali glass is made in Medicali’s “Modern Flame Factory” located in California, USA.  Beautiful well-crafted scientific medical glass instruments define the Medicali glass brand among smoking connoisseurs.  Medicali creates functional glass designs which can fit any one’s budget. Medicali presents a complete line of products encompassing a wide […]

Glass Review: Envy Pop Rock Water Filter

Glass Review: Envy Pop Rock Water Filter In their words at Envy: OUR START Envy Glass Designs is a family owned company and has been operating since 2005.  We have a dozen employees in areas ranging from glassblowing to packing and receiving to premium customer service, sales, and operations. CORE BELIEFS Provide outstanding service to our Customers Foster […]

Glass Review: Blown Tree Perc Water Filter/Pipe

Glass Review: Blown Tree Perc Water Filter/Pipe   Blown Glass presents a pretty big line of products comprising of a wide variety of bongs, bubblers and ash catchers.  They also have a full line of accessories available to add to their line of glass. Blown glass blowers have the skills to make smoking pipes from […]

Glass Bong Review: M&M Tech Lattice Percolator with Splash Guard by Elev8 Presents

M&M Tech Lattice Percolator with Splash Guard M & M Tech was started many years ago by a father and son.   The father has been blowing glass for over 40 years, so you know when you support this company you are getting quality!  This piece can be purchased from Elev8 Glass Gallery for only $275. When I see […]

Glass Reviews by Elev8 Presents And How We Do It

Elev8 Presents The Ultimate Glass Review System Why are we doing glass reviews? This series of blogs is to get some proper information out there where it can easily be found.  Also, being in this wild west of an industry we at Elev8 Presents felt there needed to be a solid place to get solid […]

Glass Review: 12 Tree Perc with an Inline Pre-Perc Water Pipe

Elev8 Glass 12 Tree Perc With Inline Perc Today is a review on an Elev8 Foreign Artisan Glass water pipe.  When I first look at this piece I am amazed at how clean it it.  Then as I look closer I am very happy with how well all the parts are put together.  Having the skill […]

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