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The Glass

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GLASS IS THE HEARTBEAT FOR THE ART SIDE OF CANNABIS Elev8 Presents is not just a group of people that love glass, it’s also a group of people that blow glass.  We will try to bring some education, entertainment and truth to help Elev8 your Mind – Body – Spirit with the art of glassblowing.  […]

Glass Reviews by Elev8 Presents And How We Do It

Elev8 Presents The Ultimate Glass Review System Why are we doing glass reviews? This series of blogs is to get some proper information out there where it can easily be found.  Also, being in this wild west of an industry we at Elev8 Presents felt there needed to be a solid place to get solid […]

Elev8 Presents Glass Reviews Judging System

The System We Use To Judge Glass Here at Elev8 Presents, we wanted to try our best at reviewing glass.  The biggest thing I see out there with glass reviews is that the glass is being reviewed by someone that has little or no experience as a glass blower.  Without the years of knowledge, I […]

Bringing in the new year with Elev8 Presents

How Elev8 Premier does the New Year How do you end the year and bring in the new one?  Matt Z. at Elev8 Premier ends the year with a rig and starts the new year with a rig.  As time is short and he stretches his skill set, he did this year a little different.  […]


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Glass Blowing Tools of the Trade

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Links . Glassblowing Tools and Terms Air Compressor – A machine that compresses air to be used for blowing, numatic machines, sandblasting, or to cool you off a little. NEVER EVER take the blower end of the machine and stick it up some ones butt. It may sound like a great prank, but that air pressure […]

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