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Butane Torch

What Is A Butane Torch? A butane torch is a too that uses butane and oxygen in the air to produce an intensely hot flame.  These torches can get as hot as 2610 degrees with most of them landing in the range of 2500 degrees.  This temperature is high enough to melt many common metals, such […]


If you consume cannabis or hemp-based products for medicinal or recreational purposes, you need to know about bioavailability.  Bioavailability is how efficiently your body absorbs THC and CBD which effects how much healing potential you get from your cannabis. WHAT DOES BIOAVAILABILITY MEAN? Bioavailability is defined as follows: “The degree to which a drug or other substance […]


What does Biennial mean? Biennial plants produce only foliage during their first year. During the plant’s second year of life, it produces flowers, develops seeds, and then dies. Its entire life cycle only lasts two years. After a biennial dies, only the seed remains to produce a new plant and begin its own two-year life cycle that […]


What does Baked mean? Baked means a person is really stoned.   Smoking a little cannabis is like getting high, but consuming a lot of marijuana will have the end uses so high that they feel like a pie, they are baked. More Info On Baked A mental state of being an individual or group of dudes and/or chicks experiences […]

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