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Rain Barrel

What does Rain Barrel mean? In botany, a rain barrel refers to an irrigation system that collects and stores rainwater runoff through a drain (gutter) system. Rainwater storage tanks can store between 30 and 100 gallons of water. They are commonly made of wood or plastic. This tank is placed directly underneath the downspout to ensure that […]

Radiant Heat Loss

What does Radiant Heat Loss mean? Radiant heat loss is a term used to describe the transfer of heat from a warm body, such as a plant, to a cooler medium, such as the air above the plant, the soil below the plant, or a greenhouse cover. It can also be used to describe heat loss from […]


What does Rachis mean? Rachis refers the point on a marijuana plant where the leaflets all meet to form the iconic cannabis fan leaf that is so unique and distinctive to the plant. The term rachis is widely used in botany to refer to the main stem of a compound plant or the main stem of a […]


What does Raceme mean? A raceme is a type of flowering arrangement featuring an unbranched and single-stemmed inflorescence that yields flowers with progressively shorter stalks going up the axis. In some racemes, older flowers move towards the base of the plant, making space for newer ones. Racemes can be either compound, where flowers adopt a complex pattern, […]

Quick Release Fertilizer

What does Quick Release Fertilizer mean? A fertilizer that contains nutrients, mainly nitrogen, in plant-available forms such as ammonium and nitrate is considered a quick-release fertilizer. Nitrogen is a component of amino acids and urea, – the essential building blocks for plant proteins – and is vital to the rate at which photosynthesis occurs. There are two […]

Quartz Banger

What Does Quartz Banger mean? A quartz banger is a term for a dab nail made from quartz crystal. Typically, the vast majority of dab nails are made from titanium, but many people feel that the metallic taste of the nail leeches into the dab concentrate and they find it unpleasant. A quartz nail banger brings […]

Quantum Sensor Light Meter

What does Quantum Sensor Light Meter mean? A quantum sensor light meter is a hand-held device, often battery operated, used to measure the amount of light plants grown in an indoor gardening setting can really absorb. It offers a more accurate means of determining light absorption than using foot-candles or other units of measure. Quantum light meters […]

Q-Tip Technique

What does Q-Tip Technique mean? The Q-tip technique, often abbreviated to just the Q-tip tech, refers to an effective way to clean your dab nail and prolong its life. Dab rigs and dab nails are not cheap, so keeping the apparatus clean will extend their usability. Also, a clean dab nail or banger helps enhance the flavor […]

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