Sugar Bloom

What does Sugar Bloom mean?

Sugar blooms or sugar flowers are believed to occur after a cannabis plant has been treated with sugar. The bloom appears coated in a dusting of granulated white sugar.

Often the layer of sugar-like substance is so thick, that the flower looks as if it has a layer of frosting.

After a sugar application, the resulting sugar-like crystals are the flower’s trichomes, which are believed to double in production after the plant is treated with sugar.

More Info On Sugar Bloom

The trichomes of the plant contain high levels of cannabinoids. The sugar-like-coating of trichomes are highly desirable by cannabis growers and normally denote a quality plant.

During a cannabis plant’s growth cycle, some growers will apply sugar water, molasses, or honey. Commercial sugar additives for cannabis cultivation and flushing are also widely available.

The addition of sugar during cultivation is debated among growers. Many growers swear by the practice and others remain skeptical. Not only is sugar thought to increase trichome production on the blooms and buds, but it is also believed to make the harvested cannabis sweeter to smoke.

Adding sugar to a flush during the last two weeks of flowering has also become a popular technique for hydroponic growers. Some of these sugared flushes are naturally or artificially flavored with things like berrries or pina colada flavorings to further increase a plant’s taste and marketability.

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