Sulfur (S)

What does Sulfur (S) mean?

Sulfur is a secondary macronutrient and a chemical element that’s fairly common in nature. It is an essential nutrient for plants.

A high concentration of sulfur is easily recognizable by the pungent odor it releases in water.

More Info On Sulfur (S)

In horticulture, sulfur is required by plants for the proper growth of strong stems and blooms. For plants, sulfur only needs to be present in trace amounts. Sulfur helps form enzymes and assists with the formation of plant proteins.

Sulfur is commonly included in all commercial fertilizers in the proper proportion, but it is also present in organic matter such as manure. Sulfur is also very mobile and is easily washed away in sandy soils, while clay soils can often be too heavy in the mineral.

Sulfur deficiency is difficult for a gardener to pin point because it mirrors other conditions or deficiencies, which would be yellowing of leaves, small or withered blooms, and weak stems that may droop or wilt.

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