Cannabinol and Powerful Sedative Effects

Cannabinol and Powerful Sedative Effects

There are more than hundred of known cannabinoids. All of them possess their own set of effects. Anyone who has a very limited knowledge about cannabis sativa or Cannabinol – CBN specifically might assume that CBN is just a degraded as well as less potent cannabinoid that is derived from THC.

If you want to find a good amount of Cannabinol then you can find them in degraded and older material that can make anything, less desirable, with its presence. As the result, Cannabinoid has not received adequate attention. However, considering the research work being done, the industry is truly catching on to the major fact that Cannabinol possesses therapeutic effects. These therapeutic effects are highly beneficial for individuals who are sensitive to THC.

As we know legalization of marijuana or cannabis is still a debate, there is a limited research work going on to further discovering the benefits of different compounds of cannabis. However, a good amount of CBN is found in different cannabis predicts such as edibles, topical, capsules and others.

Understanding Cannabinol – CBN

Just like other compounds present in the cannabis sativa, Cannabinol also consists of some other compounds or elements. One of the compounds is known as Cannabinol – C4 or CBN – C4. However, there is still a need to do more research work to fully understand the nature or chemical properties of Cannabinol – C4.

As per the Steep Hill labs, CBN or Cannabinol is known as the most sedative Cannabinoid. To give you an example; only 5% of Cannabinol is equal to almost 10mg of diazepam – valium. This is in with regards to body relaxation.

There is a theory that the main reason why Indica strains help you make sleepier is that they contain quite higher CBN levels. Since Cannabinol is known as the most sedative cannabinoid, this means that other compounds of Cannabinol like Cannabinol – C4 might also contain the same sedative properties. Even though there are many compounds in Cannabis Sativa that do not follow or copy the chemical properties of their respective categories, thus, more research work is required to fully establish the chemical properties of Cannabinol – C4.

Thus, anyone who does not prefer to take compounds that would make him/her sleepy must look for products or strains with slim to even no Cannabinol content.

A research was conducted previously in which researchers observed the feeding pattern of mice after administrating Cannabinol. As per their observation, rats which were treated with Cannabinol were quicker in terms of eating. In fact, not only they ate quicker or more but also for the longer duration of time. After reviewing these results, the research concluded that the less recognized cannabinoid was actually a viable non-psychoactive appetite stimulant.

Similarly, a study was conducted back in 2006 that found that CBN and various other cannabinoids have the tendency and ability to fully control the cancer cells growth. In fact, CBN was particularly able to control the type of lung tumor which is commonly known as Lewis carcinoma.

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