DCBF – Dehydrocannabifuran and Biological Activities

DCBF – Dehydrocannabifuran and Biological Activities

The cannabis plant is known for its unique uses and effects on the human body. We have been studying this famous plant for years and we still know very little about its compounds. The plant comprises of hundreds of compounds and each one of these compounds holds unique properties.

Some are used to treat symptoms of epilepsy, some cancer, and others chronic pain. The research continues and we continue to learn more and more about this well-known psychoactive plant. The plant is famous for two major reasons;

  • Its psychoactive effects on the human brain
  • Its medical and therapeutic effects on the human body that helps in the treatment of various symptoms

But the question is; why do we know very little about its compounds including DCBF – Dehydrocannabifuran?

Well, before we answer this question, let us first understand what is Dehydrocannabifuran? Just like many other compounds present in the cannabis plant, DCBF is also a major compound.

The compound – DCBF – is synthesized from cannabidiol in yields of 29%. So far, we have no further information about the biological activities or chemical properties of this compound.

However, as we know there are many cannabinol present in the cannabis plant, these compounds are formed by the degradation of THC. CBN is only slight psychoactive and hold a higher affinity for the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors link the CBN to the immune system in our body.

To your surprise, cannabis compounds are used in many products which are easily available in the market. There are several cannabis compounds in the hemp oil.

Cannabinol is present in 0.2% or lower levels. Along with major cannabinoids and its variants, there are also minor cannabinoids. However, the benefits of these cannabinoids are not yet thoroughly studied. These cannabinoids, even in very less quantity, interact with the endocannabinoid system and are present in hemp oil.

Some of these cannabinoids include;

  • Cannabichromene
  • Cannabicyclol
  • Cannabitriol
  • Cannabielsoin
  • Cannabiripsol
  • Dehydrocannabifuran
  • Cannabifuran
  • Cannabichromanon
  • Cannabicitran

The Need for More Research Work

As stated earlier, the research work on the cannabis plant and its compounds are not completed. Even the research work or studies that have been performed are not conclusive. There are many chemical and physical properties of cannabis compounds that are yet to be discovered and explored.

Some of the compounds are quite explicit when it comes to their effects on the human body such as CBD, THC, and others. Indeed, some compounds like Dehydrocannabifuran are not yet well-known. One of the main reasons why the research work on cannabis is progressing at a slow rate is the legalization of marijuana.

It is a Schedule I drug that is prohibited for consumption due to its psychoactive properties. It is not legal in some parts of the United States but there are some states which have legalized marijuana. This ongoing debate and the prevailing issue of marijuana legalization restrict the research work.

To know more about Dehydrocannabifuran we need to perform more research work. We need to conduct clinical trials on a human being to fully understand its effects or medical uses.

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