G13 Strain

What does G13 Strain mean?

G13 is an unmixed indica strain that is popular in the medical marijuana community for its pain relief qualities. It is also frequently referred to as ‘Government Indica Strain 1’ .

Legends surround the strain’s creation, but it is generally believed that the strain was developed at the University of Mississippi during the 1960s. It was created by researchers working for the CIA, FBI, and other government agencies. Their task was to develop a potent strain of marijuana. They worked to develop Afghani clones and eventually the researchers created G13.

Allegedly, the government researchers created 23 strains that they labeled G1 to G23. The most stable of the clones was G13.

More Info On G13 Strain

After the development of G13, one of the research assistants took a single cutting away from the university so that the strain could eventually be available to the masses.

The G13 strain is a light green plant with prominent orange hairs. It grows to a height of two meters. It is a sativa/indica ratio that works out to a 30:70 mix. G13 is well known for it’s all-over pain relieving abilities and has become popular among medicinal marijuana users. It also helps fight depression, anxiety, and stress. The strain also helps reduce inflammation and increases appetite.

Users typically report that G13 has a sweet, earthy flavor and aroma. It aids in concentration and increases a user’s creative thinking. The plant is considered to be moderately easy to grow, although not ideal for the novice grower.

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