What does Indica mean?

The term indica refers to a species of cannabis; it is one of the three most popular species of marijuana, the others being ruduralis and sativa. An indica plant is a small, compact-but-broad plant in comparison to a sativa, but it is also a higher yielding plant than a sativa.

Due to their short stature, indicas are the preferred species for growing indoors. In the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis communities, indicas are the variety of cannabis known to produce a complete, relaxed state and a very mellow high.

Cannabis strains are often labeled or described first by whether they are a sativa, an indica, or a hybrid of the two strains. Knowing whether medical marijuana is an indica- or a sativa-dominant strain is key to getting the right medicine for the right health conditions you are experiencing.

More on Indica

Each species of cannabis has its own unique characteristics. For example, reduralis has extremely low THC levels and is used primarily for crossbreeding other varieties.

Sativa is a tall and little lankier and poor yielding plant favored for its cerebral effects.

Indica, on the other hand, is a small, compact, but broad and higher-yielding plant.

Indicas originated from Afghanistan and Pakistan and are more preferred for indoor growing because of their more compact growth habits. The plants are short at less than six feet tall, and have a tight, compact growth habit.

Another thing that differentiates an indica from a sativa are the effects it has on consumers. The high from a decent-quality indica strain creates a relaxed state, while stronger strains will cause numbness in the body, which people associate with feeling “stoned”.

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