Indica-Sativa Hybrid

What does Indica-Sativa Hybrid mean?

An indica-sativa hybrid is a cannabis plant that combines the effects of these two different plants. Indica strains primarily affect the body when used, and sativa strains produce a more mind-focused effect. Hybrids blend these two, but also the physical characteristics of the plants.

An indica-sativa hybrid will combine the physical characteristics of the parent plants in an attempt to make them more adaptable to growing in different geographic regions, to create more predictable yields, and to change the effects that using the flowers creates in humans.

More on Indica-Sativa Hybrid

You’ll find a very wide range of cannabis strains being grown around the world today. Most of these are combinations of indica and sativa – two very different varieties of marijuana. To understand how an indica-sativa hybrid differs from its parent plants, you must first know about more about both indica and sativa cannabis plants.

Indica plants are generally shorter and thicker. Consuming their flowers produces a sensation that can be described as “melting”. It mostly affects the body, while leaving the mind clearer. Sativa plants are taller and thinner, and using their buds mostly affects the mind, creating what many call a sense of euphoria.

However, not all hybrids are created equal. The results users experience will depend on the parentage of the plants in question. For instance, if the hybrid has sativa-dominant traits, the effect will relax the body, but create a euphoric feeling in the mind. If the hybrid is indica dominant, the reverse will be true, and will generally result in pain-reduction for the body. In a 50/50 hybrid, users will experience both mental and physical relief.

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