Terpene Distillation

What does Terpene Distillation mean?

Terpene distillation creates a product that retains the plant’s aroma and also its flavors, which makes it more coveted by cannabis connoisseurs.

Extraction processes often remove the flavor of the product and the smell, but terpene distillation helps put both flavors and smell into the distillate product.

Distillate products contain very high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The products frequently contain levels of up 90 per cent THC.

More on Terpene Distillation

The cannabis plant’s terpenes are what give it its pungent aroma. The terpenes also account for the plant’s flavor. The act of purging cannabis concentrates removes a large amount of the terpenes.

Heat, which is also frequently used during extraction processes, even further removes the terpenes from the concentrate.

Every strain of cannabis has its own hallmark terpenes, which give strain’s their distinctive smell and taste. Terpene distillation removes the product’s terpenes and preserves them.

The process of terpene distillation then allows the strain’s unique terpenes to be mixed back together and added to the final distillate product.

Terpene distillation often involves the use of heat or magnetic stirring devices that evenly distribute the terpenes throughout the product.

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