Three-Chambered Grinder

What does Three-Chambered Grinder mean?

A grinder is a tool with sharp teeth used to break up cured buds into smaller pieces right before consumption. This allows for better airflow and access to more trichomes. A three-chambered grinder has three parts that separate the bud and is useful to catch the kief. Many also contain screens that put the finest material on the bottom layer.

Three-chambered grinders are hand-held and can be made out of different materials such as acrylic, aluminum, wood, or zinc, with metal grinders being preferred. They can be purchased from a variety of shops, particularly head shops.

More Info On Three-Chambered Grinder

In a three-chambered grinder, the top part is where you put the cannabis flower in. It has a number of sharp teeth and holes through which the ground up marijuana falls into the second chamber.

The second chamber has a removable screen where the kief falls through. This kief can be smoked, baked, or used to make rosin. To use the grinder, place the buds in the top section, which is usually accessed with a screw top. Then, twist the grinder so the teeth cut into it and make a fine powder that you will find in the second chamber.

Three-chambered grinders come in many varieties. Someone working at a patient collective or a dispensary might want to use larger, 3 or 4 inch grinders to save time, while someone who normally smokes alone could make due with a smaller one.

In the absence of a grinder, cannabis users can simply cut up the dried bud with small scissors to their desired size and texture. This method is a bit more time-consuming and there are no screens or chambers catching any kief.

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