Trough Culture

What does Trough Culture mean?

Trough culture is a form of hydroponics. The term trough culture refers to growing plants in raised troughs, also called benches, above a soilless mixture. Instead of soil, common materials such as coconut fiber, clay pellets, vermiculite, perlite, or rockwool are used. A drip system is utilized for irrigation and fertilizer applications.

Such a system keeps the foliage, buds, and flowers of the plant from getting wet and greatly reduces the likelihood of mold or diseases from developing in the greenhouse or growroom. The open nature of the troughs allows the plant’s roots to dangle and receive ample nutrients, airflow, and oxygen. Many farmers believe hydroponic trough culture produces the highest yields and the fastest growth.

More Info On Trough Culture

Relatively narrow, the troughs in trough culture hydroponics offer benefits to growers such as ease of pruning and harvest accessibility. Most plants are grown in a single line in a long trough. However, some troughs afford enough room to space two rows of plants side by side.

When plants are placed in troughs, most growers can easily reach the middle rows in order to provide optimal plant care to every crop. Trough culture is usually fairly cost-saving because there is a wide array of materials that can be used for trough construction.

Historically, trough culture has been a favorite system for growing tomatoes. In recent years, trough culture has caught on as a fashionable option for cannabis growers to produce large healthy plants with abundant bud production.

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