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USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

What does USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Mapmean? The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map has become the go-to fountain of knowledge for gardeners to determine which plants will grow in their specific region. The map divides the United States into 11 distinct planting zones. The determination for the map’s zone borders is regional temperature. Each border of […]

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

What does US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mean? The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA or FDA) is a regulatory and enforcement agency under the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It is charged with overseeing the safe production, transport, sale, and consumption of all food, medicine, and cosmetic products in the United […]

Urban Farm

What does Urban Farm mean? An urban farm is a location where farming or gardening occurs within a city or urban setting. There are many challenges unique to urban agriculture that does not exist with conventional, rural agriculture. Space is the primary one, along with pollutants unique to the city and the limited amount of natural lighting. […]

Urban Agriculture

What does Urban Agriculture mean? Urban agriculture is farming or gardening that occurs within an urban setting. Due to space limitations, urban agriculture can be very creative, such as rooftop intensive gardening in raised beds, or vertical gardening in the small spaces between buildings. There are many different challenges unique to urban agriculture that are not an […]

Up Against the Stem

What does Up Against the Stem mean? Up against the stem is a slang term used in cannabis culture that refers to being addicted to marijuana. It is generally a tongue-in-cheek term used mostly in a humorous fashion, as marijuana is not particularly addictive. However, long-term use can be habit forming and users may experience some withdrawal […]

Untreated Seed

What does Untreated Seed mean? Untreated seeds are seeds that have not been processed using any physical, biological, or chemical techniques prior to being packaged and sold at garden centers. This is in contrast to treated seeds. If growing using untreated seeds, it is important to only plant them in ideal growing conditions to ensure a productive […]

Unit heater

What does Unit heater mean? Unit heaters are commonly used as forced air-heaters in greenhouses. These heaters are usually mounted overhead and receive heat from a boiler in the form of hot water or steam. Some unit heaters also contain fireboxes. These heaters are crucial for protecting plants and vegetables from the cold while maintaining an adequate […]

Unisexual flower

What does Unisexual flower mean? A plant has two parts a pistil, often described as a female part of the plant, and a stamen, often described as a male part of the plant. Unisexual flowers only have either a pistil or stamen. A unisexual flower with pistils is known as pistillate flowers and a unisexual flower with […]

Uneven Span Greenhouse

What does Uneven Span Greenhouse mean? An uneven-span greenhouse is a greenhouse with one roof slope longer than the other. This is generally an adaptation of a regular greenhouse when it is situated on a a hilly terrain or to take advantage of solar angles. In uneven-span greenhouses, the roof is not equal in width or pitch, […]


What does Undercut mean? An undercut is a particular type of cut made to a tree branch or trunk. Undercutting is often used when trimming or pruning a tree. This method is used to minimize damage to the tree during pruning. To undercut a tree branch, a cut is made through one-third to one-half of the branch, […]
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