Unisexual flower

What does Unisexual flower mean?

A plant has two parts a pistil, often described as a female part of the plant, and a stamen, often described as a male part of the plant. Unisexual flowers only have either a pistil or stamen. A unisexual flower with pistils is known as pistillate flowers and a unisexual flower with stamen is known as staminate flowers.

More on Unisexual flower

Though unisexual flowers only express either a female or male trait in plants, they often grow in plants with a healthy balance of stamen and pistils. As a result, unisexual flowers do not get in the way of pollination, fertilization and ultimately plant reproduction.

Unlike a perfect flower with required part of pistil and stamen, a unisexual flower is incomplete. But, unisexual flowers can coexist with other perfect flowers without intervening in plant reproduction. Unisexual flowers are known as monoecious species with no prescribed pattern and they could be expressed as staminate flowers or pistillate flowers in any distribution in any plant.

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