What does Undercut mean?

An undercut is a particular type of cut made to a tree branch or trunk. Undercutting is often used when trimming or pruning a tree. This method is used to minimize damage to the tree during pruning.

To undercut a tree branch, a cut is made through one-third to one-half of the branch, starting at the bottom. This cut is also made, at a minimum, 12 inches away from the trunk of the tree.

More Info On Undercut

Undercutting is the best method to use when pruning a tree because it will allow the tree to heal and eventually cover the cut area. Cutting too close to a tree’s trunk can cause it to lose some of its protective covering, which makes it susceptible to disease and pestilence. When performed correctly, and undercut branch will grow new tissue and generate a scar-like seal over the end of the “wound” where the branch was cut.

Pruning a tree has several different benefits. One of the major benefits is to ensure the health of the tree. Undercutting a branch can remove damaged, diseased, or dead branches, which in turn can create a strong healthy tree structure. In the particular case of diseased branches, undercutting can prevent the spread of the disease to the main trunk of the tree. In addition, it should be noted that all trees should be pruned with this method in their dormant season.

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