Up Against the Stem

What does Up Against the Stem mean?

Up against the stem is a slang term used in cannabis culture that refers to being addicted to marijuana. It is generally a tongue-in-cheek term used mostly in a humorous fashion, as marijuana is not particularly addictive. However, long-term use can be habit forming and users may experience some withdrawal symptoms if cutting back or quitting.

More on Up Against the Stem

Cannabis culture has created a wide range of slang terms, from bomber and joint to cornering and nugs. The phrase, “against the stem” is another bit of slang from the counterculture, this one meaning “addicted to marijuana.” Obviously, this is not a medical term, and it is used mostly ironically among users.

Marijuana addiction, while rare, is real. Being up against the stem here means that the individual has a set habit of using cannabis on a regular basis, and when not following their general usage pattern, they don’t feel “normal.” Withdrawal symptoms are purely mental, and not physical, unlike drugs like heroin and alcohol.

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