Urban Farm

What does Urban Farm mean?

An urban farm is a location where farming or gardening occurs within a city or urban setting.

There are many challenges unique to urban agriculture that does not exist with conventional, rural agriculture. Space is the primary one, along with pollutants unique to the city and the limited amount of natural lighting.

More on Urban Farm

An urban farm can include rooftop agriculture or the cultivation of vacant lots. In almost all cases of urban agriculture some form of intensive or vertical gardening must be utilized due to space limitations. Greenhouses are also a popular form of urban farming.

Most urban farms grow produce, bedding or perennial plants, although others grow more specialized plants such as poinsettias or orchids under carefully controlled environmental conditions.

Some plants that require vast stretches of acreage like corn or grains just are not practical for the constraints of an urban farm.

Due to space limitations, horticulturalists must be creative when designing for rooftop intensive gardening in raised beds or vertical gardening in the small spaces between buildings.

Vertical farming is a common method of urban farming and often takes place in an interior environment with carefully controlled conditions and lighting. Some vertical farms with conditions similar to greenhouses use natural light and solar heating. Other vertical farms are completely indoors and use artificial lighting, and humidity and heating equipment.

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