What does Thatch mean?

Thatch refers to the layers of organic matter that gather around and under grass on lawns. Thatch contains different types of substances, both living and dead, such as roots, rhizomes, stolons, and crowns. In some cases, thatch can actually be beneficial to the grass plants by protecting them from large moisture and temperature fluctuations.

More Info on Thatch

If thatch is not removed from grass, the lawn might become spongy. Consequently, gardeners can use a rake to remove any superfluous thatch. If there is a severe overgrowth, gardeners might need to use a dethatching rake, which is normally equipped with sharper and larger ends than common rakes. Regular mowing and proper soil aeration can control thatch.

It is still important to trim any excessive thatch while de-weeding because it can be detrimental to the roots. Too much thatch can cause lawn mower issues during maintenance. Sometimes over fertilizing can contribute to the acidity in the soil, hence encouraging thatch growth. Similarly, using too many insecticides can completely eliminate all earthworm activity, resulting once again in an overgrowth of thatch.

This definition was written in the context of Horticulture

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