Thai Stick

What does Thai Stick mean?

Thai sticks are the original blunt: a marijuana leaf wrapped around bud material to form a marijuana cigar. The cigar was then skewered on a stem or a bamboo stick.

Thai Stick is also a pure sativa strain of marijuana brought to the US from Thailand, and the term Thai sticks can sometimes refer to joints rolled with this type of marijuana.

More Info On Thai Stick

Thai sticks – the original marijuana cigar – date back to the early to mid-70s, and hail from Thailand, as you might guess from the name. These were formed from a specific strain of sativa grown in the mountains, and their construction was very precise.

The original Thai sticks were made from bud material from the sativa variety native to Thailand. Bud material from several plants was bound in place using silk or cord made from plant fibers, and Thai sticks were renowned at the time for the quality of the “buzz” they created.

Today, traditional Thai sticks have largely become unavailable in the US. Few shipments make it out of Vietnam and to US shores, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find modern equivalents. There is even some evidence that shows modern Thai sticks are as good or better than their 1970s counterparts.

How do modern versions differ from their predecessors? Today, Thai sticks resemble green blunts skewered on shish kabab sticks. The green outer material is actually a broad marijuana leaf, and it is held together through a rolling/folding process, but can also be tied in place with plant fibers.

Within the modern Thai stick, you’ll find any of a number of modern cultivars, rather than the original sativa strain, and some makers also add hash oil to the mix for an even more robust experience.

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