What does Tendril mean?

A tendril is the anatomy of a plant that consists of stem tissue or leave stalk. The tendril is a threadlike, twisting, clinging growth on the vines of the plant that enables it to attach itself to another object or another plant for support. Plants such as grapes, peas, and cucumbers have tendrils.

More on Tendril

A plant’s tendrils can form from its branches, shoots, or leaves. This anatomy helps support the plant growth and prevents the drooping of the plant so it avoids breaking its stem.

Tendrils grow out of the plant and wrap around fences or any stable structure near the plant. They enable the plant to grow by itself even when it is subjected to strong winds and negligence.

Plants with tendrils are much easier to care for as they can physically sustain themselves when they are kept near a support system.

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