Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

 What does Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)mean?

  • A variable frequency drive is a tool used in many environmentally controlled operations. It helps the grower to regulate aspects like the heating or the cooling in order to produce plants that are healthy all year round. Controlling temperature allows growers to produce better yields in shorter amounts of time, and it helps to stave off potential pitfalls.

More Info On Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

VFD’s help to lower operating cost by reducing motor speed when it is not needed. A variable frequency drive can cut power consumption in half and work to reduce energy usage as well. They can also work with the water system, and to shut off the water in places where it is not needed. A variable frequency drive is helps lower stress on the pump. Minimal maintenance is needed, and many growers say that the return on investment with a variable frequency drive pays itself on in 12 months with how much energy is used.

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