Weed Milk

What does Weed Milk mean?

Cannabis milk may refer to regular, dairy milk that has been infused with cannabis, or commercially available hemp or hemp seed milk. When referring to the milk infused with cannabis, it is also called “Marijuana Milk.” Hemp milk is usually made with hemp seeds, water, a sweetener and some flavoring agent such as vanilla or chocolate. Either form of cannabis milk can be consumed as a beverage, added to coffee or tea, or used in the preparation of any baked good or entree that calls for regular milk. Marijuana milk, as it has dairy, has a limited useful shelf-life and should be consumed soon after its preparation.

More Info On Weed Milk

Marijuana milk is usually made with whole dairy milk or the types that still have some fat content in them. The THC will bind to fats. Ratios of finely chopped, cannabis bud to the milk vary depending on desired strength. The milk is boiled and the finely chopped cannabis is stirred in. The mixture simmers on low heat for up to an hour and then is removed from the heat to cool. The milk is then strained through cheesecloth or filter material. Hemp milk is generally prepared by blending all ingredients and then straining out the larger pieces.

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