White Widow

What does White Widow mean?

White Widow is a hybrid marijuana strain that balances a Brazilian sativa land race and a resin heavy South Indian indica. The composition includes sativa (60%) and indica (40%) and with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (about 18-25%), cannabidiol (CBD) (about 1%), and cannabiniol (CBN) (about 1%).

Due to the 3:2 ratio of sativa and indica, this strain induces a cognitive driven high while also providing a relaxing feeling. Patients usually go for the White Widow strain if they are seeking pot that allows them to relax and unwind without.

Easy to grow and flowering in seven to nine weeks, White Widow mostly has an earthy, pungent and woody flavor and is thought of to be the best for treating stress, depression, pain, fatigue and lack of appetite accordingly. However, it does tend to result in extremely dry mouths, dry eyes, and dizziness, and is said to contribute to paranoia and anxiety at times.

More Info On White Widow

White Widow tends to make the user happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, and energetic. It has also been a popular strain among all the Amsterdam coffee shops since the 1990s.

The buds are white in color with crystal resin, which gives off a warning of the very potent effects the strain will likely have on the user. The color of the buds is also how the strain has earned the name White Widow. The buds of the White Widow strain are conical, tapered, and chunky and the structure is said to be more of a sativa strain than an indica due to the loose, fluffy texture, whic,h despite the stickiness, can be broken off easily, and the spring green leaves with few visible pistils.

When smoking the White Widow strain, there is an instant coat of sweet and sugary smoke at the start which is very light. However, it later expands, turning heavy and resulting in the user coughing a lot. The strain packs a wallop and the user may even land up in a heavy trance with its quick-acting cerebral effects. The user will be more acutely perceptive of his or her surroundings. Sometimes the user’s mood is instantly uplifted and the energy can be used to focus on even the most mundane tasks or even the most complex problems.

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