Cannabis Strain Review: Jet Fuel by Quality Choice 719

Today, we review the cannabis strain Jet Fuel from Quality Choice 719.

Jet Fuel by Quality Choice 719

Jet Fuel has to be one of my favorites so far, but reader beware, this strain may cause some anxiety. A supercross of several Diesel strains by 303 seeds, was grown by Quality Choice 719 and is also known as G6. This uplifting cannabis has a very high energy high for some.

This cross of some super gassy diesel strain starts with the granddaddy, East Coast Diesel, then is crossed with Aspen OG x High Country Diesel hybrid. After all the breeding, you are left with a super sativa with very pungent sweet diesel aromas. Even though this cannabis strain has a very uplifting, high-energy high, it eventually levels off into a very relaxing, euphoric state.

This strain is available in many different states, so hop in the G6 and get lifted. The aroma is very strong, so be careful when transporting this strain, it will need to be in an airtight container. If you need help traveling with your cannabis, check out this article!

This super sativa dominant hybrid is perfect for concerts, hiking, or any physical activities; but keep in mind, if you suffer from anxiety this is not the strain for you. So, get ready to get lifted and speed your way through your activities with this super gassy Diesel cross, Jet Fuel. HIGHly Recommended 7/8

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