Cannabitriol – CBT: A Newly Identified Cannabinoid

Cannabitriol – CBT: A Newly Identified Cannabinoid

We know there are many cannabinoids present in a cannabis plant. But now a new member of the cannabinoid family is identified. As per the Jamaican researcher, he has succeeded in isolating cannabinoids in marijuana plant for the first time. The cannabinoids have not been discovered or identified previously. It is known as Cannabitriol – CBT.

CBT is found only in the small amount of cannabis and it is yet to be discovered if this newly identified cannabinoid has any kind of euphoric effect or medicinal properties. Cannabis consists of 60 cannabinoids but most of these cannabinoids are not yet recognized.

As per the researcher, he was able to identify as well as isolate the CBT but he still doesn’t know if the compound holds any sort of health properties. But let’s hope that we soon find out it with positive results – said researcher.

CBT and THC Has Same Structure

CBT actually hold the very similar structure as that of THC. As we know THC is the primary psychoactive compound in Ganga and it is also responsible to create the effects of hei. But unlike THC, Cannabitriol contain two other alcoholic groups with different location of the double bonds present in it.

For instance, in CBD, the 2nd primary component of cannabis, we have observed two other alcohol groups in comparison to THC.

So what is the main difference?

Well, when we speak of CBD, one of the alcoholic groups is majorly alcohol and the other one is a phenol. But if we consider the new identified cannabinoid i.e. CBT, both of the two alcoholic groups are alcohol. In other words, there is no group of phenol in the newly identified CBT.

Does CBT have any therapeutic effects?

So far we have only identified the new cannabinoid but until there are some clinical trials conducted on the CBT itself, no one can conclude or give any remarks with regards to the possible therapeutic effects of CBT. In fact, it is not possible to figure out whether it has psychoactive or medical effects.

It is yet to be ascertained if Cannabitriol contains any kind of effects on the human body just like other cannabinoids. To ascertain this, the clinical examination must be conducted on mice and then, following the results of the examination, also in humans. Not to mention, this is a long process and in most of the cases, it is also a quite expensive one.

Another major difficulty in that, unlike CBD and THC which are found in every cannabis plant, CBT was found in only a small fraction of cannabis and definitely not all the cannabis plants.

We have already faced this issue previously as well. There was another component that had the similar properties and it was discovered in Japan. But scientist could not actually establish a structure that would have allowed any meaningful comparison.

The major hindrance in the conducting detailed research on the cannabis compounds is the marijuana legalization issue. This limits the research work and that is exactly why so many compounds are yet to be studied as well as discovered.

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