CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees and its Effects

CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees and its Effects

BCP or CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees is a terpene that is often categorized as the cannabinoid because of its great potential to target endocannabinoid systems – CB2 receptors, ignoring the CB1 receptor, which is generally related to the euphoric high of THC.

CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees and Terpene

Terpene is one of the essential oils which give every strain a unique scent. So far we have known about 100+ terpenes. They are commonly produced in the trichomes or secretory cells. This is the same place where cannabinoids are produced.

Due to more research work on the cannabinoids, we have very little information about terpenes. They are usually overlooked in terms of research work and studies. But as much we know until today, we can say that there is much more to terpene than just their contribution of providing unique scent to cannabis. As per the research studies, terpene reacts synergistically in an entourage effect with different cannabinoids and compounds and offer a range of medicinal and physical benefits.

There are several aromatic plants that are known to produce terpene including pine trees, black pepper, mint, hops, citrus trees and lavender. It is the product of evolution and helps in attracting pollinators as well as deterring predators.

CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees is also terpene and is present in the cannabis essential oil. It does not affect the CB1 receptor. It doesn’t produce a high. It is one of the effective ways to medicate and that too, without interfering without motor skill. To your surprise, CARYOPHYLLENE is the first terpene that is also FDA approved and can be used as a food additive.

The compound was first synthesized in the year 1964 but its cannabinoid-like effects and properties were discovered in 2008 by German scientists. CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees is known to treat several inflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Moreover, it is also used to treat anxiety and depression. It may also induce relaxation and proper sleep to fight off insomnia. BCP has the potential to increase the bone mass. It can block body’s pain receptors that make it even more effective to treat atherosclerosis and osteoporosis.

The Chemical Profile of CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees

The boiling point of BCP is 160 degrees Celsius. It has a very spicy aroma like peppers. It also has a scent of wood, black pepper, and spices. It has no particular physical effects. The compound is easily found in cloves, pepper, basil, hops, rosemary, and oregano.

Some of the proven medical benefits of CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees include muscle spasm relief, inflammation, insomnia and pain relief. It is also known to elevate mood and alleviate anti-anxiety, depression, anti-microbial, and anti-depressant.

Marijuana strains with CARYOPHYLLENE-320 Degrees include White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG, and Chemdawg.

So far we have only known the above-mentioned information with regards to this distinctive cannabinoid. To understand it more, we need to conduct more research work as well as clinical trials to fully recognize the effects on the human body.

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