Humulene Smells like Beer

Humulene Smells like Beer

Humulene is known as the cancer killing, anti-inflammatory terpene. It also contains significant properties to treat fibromyalgia and arthritis.

If you smell a woody or earthy aroma, this means your olfactory senses perceive a specific molecule known as HUMULENE-388 Degrees. There is a special chemical usually known as the alpha Humulene and it is one of the 20 prime terpenes that appear in a specific strain of cannabis. Humulene usually conveys the strong smell of beer hops but this depends upon if there are other terpenes present as well.

Humulene – Appetite Killer and Anti-Inflammatory

As stated earlier, in addition to cancer-killing potential, Humulene also possess great anti-inflammatory properties. It works great to treat the symptoms of bursitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia and any other condition that would benefit from a major reduction in our systemic inflammation.


As per the research studies;

When Humulene is combined with beta-caryophyllene, it is highly effective as the anti-inflammatory. Not to mention, beta-caryophyllene is another terpene that is recognized as the cannabinoid. Just like THCv cannabinoid, Humulene is also known to work as an appetite suppressant or anorectic. Moreover, it is known to decrease the formation of edema that results from the injections of histamine. For around thousands of years, Humulene is used in the Chinese medicine and is used for a variety of applications.

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