THCA and Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid – B

THCA and Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid – B

Do you know that raw cannabis help improve your health? Well, if you haven’t tried raw cannabis, which is fair enough, research suggests that the primary compound THCA can help in improving your overall health.

If not raw, have you ever tried raw cannabis smoothie or juice? Uncured, fresh and unheated cannabis is highly rich in compounds and known as cannabinoid acids. Unlike the cured, heated and aged substance, cannabinoid acids don’t make you high. In fact, they provide a whole bunch of health benefits, without even causing any change in your consciousness.

One of the most abundant cannabinoid acids is the THCA – totals up to 20% of the whole bud. So what are the benefits of THCA and what do we know about its homologue THCA-B?

Understanding Delta-9-THCA-B

The molecular and crystal structure of this compound i.e. C-22H-30O-4 was determined by using X-ray methods. For this, 1106 reflections (above background level) were collected by counter methods. So far, there has been very limited research work conducted on THCA-B. We do know its chemical composition but the therapeutic properties of THCA-B are yet to be determined.

Considering that this compound belongs to THCA, we can assume that it will contain, more or less, same effects on the human body as that of THCA. However, there is a change in the molecular structure of both THCA and THCA-B.

Benefits of THCA

The research work on THCA is still not completed and there are a lot of properties of this cannabinoid acid that are yet to be determined. But if we look at the preclinical research work, it has uncovered a lot of potential medical uses for THCA. The compound has shown significant and promising results on the body’s endocannabinoid system. This is also known as the largest neurotransmitter network present in the body.

THCA is an insecticide

As per the research work, THCA is speculated as the natural insecticide. When we speak of a cannabis plant, different cannabinoids play the role of an external defense and immune system. Similarly, THCA helps repel all the unwanted predators.

That is why; it is assumed that by adding some amount of raw cannabis oil to your skin cream, it will help to repel all summertime pests. In other words, THCA has a good chance to make its place in the pest management products.

THCA is anti-inflammatory

Again, like other cannabinoids present in cannabis sativa, THCA is known as the potent anti-inflammatory. This gives THCA a wide range of potential uses. After all, inflammation is one of the most common root problems in modern time.

Even though a little inflammation is the body’s natural process and a healthy response to accident, stress, illness or injury, extended systematic inflammation is known to contribute to almost everything from autoimmune diseases to even depression.

While THCA provides many medical uses we still need to focus on other cannabinoid and constituents like THCA-B so that we can fully explore the distinctive and unique properties of the cannabis plant.

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