What does Trimmer mean?

In marijuana cultivation, the trimmer is the person or tool that trims the plants to maximize the THC-producing parts of the plants. The trimming is done right before and during the drying stage of the plants.

Although most trimming is done by hand with a pair of scissors, there are commercial trimmers available for larger scale growers.

More Info On Trimmer

When cannabis plants are ready to be harvested, which is usually after white hairs on the buds begin to turn red, they first get trimmed in order to remove extra branches from the plant. The whole plant is then hung upside down in order to cure in a cool, dark space for about a week.

When the plant begins to dry, whatever leaves remain will wrap themselves around the bud. The trimmer’s job is to cut these leaves away with a small pair of scissors. The idea is to expose the flowering top that is covered in the buds and crystals, which are the desirable parts of the plant.

Different varieties of cannabis plants are trimmed in different ways, depending on the structure of the plant. Some varieties, like the afgooey, is leafy, but the leaves are heavily covered in crystals, so extra care must be used when trimming.

If the intended market for the marijuana is seeking the plants for medicinal purposes, the trimming needs to be adapted in order to keep some of the larger leaves. If the cannabis strain is intended for recreational use, the trimmer aims to expose as many buds as possible

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