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What does Superfood mean? A superfood is a typically a plant-based product that is characterized by a dense concentration of minerals and amino acids that have been shown to be highly beneficial to the human body. They are said to be high in things like antioxidants and flavenoids as well. Popular superfoods include acai berries, kale, wheatgrass, […]

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

What does Supercritical Fluid Extraction mean? Supercritical fluid extraction using CO2 for cannabis is becoming more commonplace in the creation of medicinal cannabis products. CO2 is considered a safe, environmentally friendly, and recyclable solvent. It leaves behind no harmful residue in the cannabis production, unlike the use of butane and other chemical solvents that are commonly used […]


What does Stratification mean? Stratification is actually the process of tricking seeds into thinking it is the right time of year to germinate. This is usually done by alternately cooling and then warming them, mimicking the temperature fluctuations the seeds would experience in the wild. More Info On Stratification For some seeds, all that is needed to germinate […]

Strap Leaf

What does Strap Leaf mean? In botany, strap leaves refer to leaves whose margins are entirely or partially missing, hence giving the leaf a much narrower structure than usual. Strappy leafed plants resemble grasses, but they are not grasses, despite having a similar growth pattern. Strap leaves are long green blades or straps that may be thin, […]

Super-Critical Botanical Extractor

What does Super-Critical Botanical Extractormean? A super-critical botanical extractor uses CO2 to create high-quality cannabis concentrates. The machine generates changes in the carbon dioxide with a combination of temperature and pressure. The cannabinoid-rich oils are separated from the plant material. The extractor creates a clean, pure oil that has no solvent residue. A high-tech machine, the […]

Super Lemon Haze

What does Super Lemon Haze mean? Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. It is a combination of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It does have a slight bit of Indica in its makeup. Both parent plants feature varying levels of Skunk 1 in their genetics, which is an Afghani Indica influenced […]

Super High Me

What does Super High Me mean? Super High Me is a documentary that premiered in 2008 and stars standup comedian and marijuana user, Doug Benson. The film was produced by Producer Alex Campbell. It focuses on the effects of smoking cannabis for a prolonged time span. The documentary also features extensive interviews with dispensary workers, marijuana advocates, […]

Super Cropping

What does Super Cropping mean? Super cropping, or high-stress training (HST), is a bush-style method of growing cannabis plants. It is a technique where a certain amount of stress is placed on the marijuana plant by exerting very gentle pressure that will slightly damage the tissues in a pre-planned manner. By super cropping plants, the plant has […]

Sulfur (S)

What does Sulfur (S) mean? Sulfur is a secondary macronutrient and a chemical element that’s fairly common in nature. It is an essential nutrient for plants. A high concentration of sulfur is easily recognizable by the pungent odor it releases in water. More Info On Sulfur (S) In horticulture, sulfur is required by plants for the proper growth […]

Sugar Leaf

What does Sugar Leaf mean? A sugar leaf is a finger-like leaf that develops around the bud of a cannabis plant. It often has a white cast to it, as if were coated with a dusting of powdered sugar. The sugar-like appearance to these small leaves is due to the presence of THC trichomes. “Sugar Leaf” may […]
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