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What does Variety mean? A variety in the plant world refers to a specific, individual identity within a larger plant family or species. A botanical name includes both the larger family or genus name and the individual variety within the genus. Knowing the individual variety within a larger plant family group helps people indentify the specific plant […]


What does Variegation mean? A variegated plant shows sign of variegation. When this occurs, the plant appears to exhibiting more than one color, often as irregular patches or streaks. Variegation in plants is rare in nature. It occurs when the plant’s green pigments are masked by other pigments. The whole leaf may suffer from this pigmentation overload […]

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

 What does Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)mean? A variable frequency drive is a tool used in many environmentally controlled operations. It helps the grower to regulate aspects like the heating or the cooling in order to produce plants that are healthy all year round. Controlling temperature allows growers to produce better yields in shorter amounts of time, […]


What does Vaporizer mean? In the recreational and medicinal cannabis industries, a vaporizer is a device that delivers the product in the form of vapor. Vaporizing, or vaping, is the process of heating the dried cannabis, cannabis oil, or cannabis wax, to just below the temperature of combustion. Using a vaporizer, which is comparable to modern-day e-cigs, […]


What does Vaporization mean? Vaporization is the process used to alter a cannabis concentrate or plant material from a solid concentrate to an inhalable vapor mist. The process is a popular way to utilize medicinal marijuana. During the vaporization process, the cannabis must be heated to a combustion point of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature heats the […]

Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)

What does Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) mean? Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) is a measurement of humidity in a particular area. VPD determines the difference between the amount of moisture in the air and the amount of moisture the air can hold. It is a more accurate measurement than relative humidity (RH), and is a measurement often taken […]

Vape Mods

What does Vape Mods mean? A vape mod is a mechanical device that contains no electronic components or circuitry to operate. The vape mod relies on a fire button that must be depressed by the user to make contact between the firing coil and the battery atomizer. The contact quickly heats the vape mod up. Vape mods […]


What does Valve mean? In the world of botany, a valve refers to a portion of a fruit’s pericarp. Depending on the fruit, the pericarp may include edible tissues, or it may be largely inedible (or not often eaten, as is the case with pods from most beans, such as black beans and pinto beans). As the […]

Vacuum Oven

What does Vacuum Oven mean? A vacuum oven is a tool used to dry out marijuana after harvesting to ensure a higher quality product, less potential for mold or mildew, and a shorter time to market. It can also be used to dry out virtually any other type of herb, fruit or vegetable, as well. A vacuum […]


What does Vacuole mean? A vacuole refers to the multifunctional organelle and membrane-bound sac found within the cells of various plants, including fungi and algae. In some cases, vacuoles can also be found in bacteria and protists. Some types of vacuoles share the same properties as lysosomes in animals and are acidic in nature. According to botanists, […]
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