August 18, 2018
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What is the best way to smoke or dab for your lungs

What is the deal with big hits?  Are they good for you? I bet you heard people say hold it till you can’t hold that smoke any more.  Well, that is an old wives tale we need to put to rest. A 1997 study determined that our lungs can only take in so much—5-6 ml […]

Vaporizer Reviews: DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer

Today, Rob reviews the DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer. Davinci IQ Opening this up and looking through this sturdy box you get a 10mm water pipe adapter, USB charging cable, a little keychain carrying canister for herb, a tamping tool, extra pic, alcohol pads, and a brush. No wall adapter, which baffled me, but nowadays everyone […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Kurple

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain, Kurple. Kurple Kurple is a mostly indica cannabis strain with an amazing genetic background. Kurple, a cross between Purple Urkle x OG Kush, is one stinky plant. Try to carry this in anything besides an air-tight container, you will stick out like a sore thumb. So, reader beware, if […]

Glass Review: Maui Wowie BooTube Water Pipe

Glass Review: Maui Wowie BooTube Water Pipe In their words: The Maui Wowie proudly presents the Bootube – an unbreakable peace pipe made from certified organic black bamboo, sustainably grown & handmade on Maui. As the global community has become more aware of our impact on the planet, we have a calling to return to harmony with Nature. […]

Vape Review: Mighty V2 by Storz and Bickel

Today, Rob reviews the Mighty V2 by Storz and Bickel. The Mighty V2 by Storz and Bickel The Mighty is a portable convection vaporizer, intended for use with both dry herbs and concentrates. You can use it for either, right out of the box. Just make sure to burn off any residual oils from the […]

Cannabis Accessory Review: Mamba Electric Grinder

Today, Maddy reviews the Mamba Electric Grinder. Mamba Electric Grinder  Grinding your herb can be a tedious and tiresome chore at times, haven’t you always wished for something to make it easier!? Well, that product is finally here. This is Maddy from Elev8 showing you another dank product every true stoner can’t live without! Introducing, […]

Glass Review: Medicali Double Honeycomb Water Filter/Pipe

Glass Review: Medicali Double Honeycomb Water Filter/Pipe Medicali glass is made in Medicali’s “Modern Flame Factory” located in California, USA.  Beautiful well-crafted scientific medical glass instruments define the Medicali glass brand among smoking connoisseurs.  Medicali creates functional glass designs which can fit any one’s budget. Medicali presents a complete line of products encompassing a wide […]

Vape Review: The Wax Maxer by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Rob reviews the Wax Maxer Vaporizer Pen by 7th Floor Vapes. The Wax Maxer by 7th Floor Vapes This new release from 7th Floor Vapes, the Wax Maxer Portable Vaporizer, sure is making waves. The new design and new features that have been put into this pen are quite apparent. This pen is going to […]

Accessory Review: King Palm Natural Leaf Wraps

Today, Alex reviews the King Palm Natural Leaf Wrap with some Gorilla Glue #4. King Palm Natural Wrap If you are anything like me, you are a kid in a candy shop when discovering new ways to enjoy herb. Today, we have something special that we reviewed, the King Palm Blunt Wraps. The King Palm […]

Cannabis Strain Review: Papaya from BioMeds

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Papaya grown by BioMeds. Papaya by BioMeds Papaya is an indica dominant hybrid developed by Nirvana Seeds and grown by BioMeds in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a cross between Citral #13 x Ice #2 phenotypes. These specific strains when crossed together using different phenotypes delivers similar terpene profiles […]
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