February 24, 2018
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Strain Review: Slazerbeam Live Budder from RM Extracts

Slazerbeam Live Budder by RM Extracts Slazerbeam is a cross between Super Lemon Haze x Gupta Kush which is a 70/30 Sativa dominant strain with some super crazy citrus notes. This specific strain was developed in Colorado and has a unique flavor profile. We sampled the Slazerbeam Live Budder by RM Extracts. This strain is known […]

Teen Cannabis Use Down After Legalization in Colorado

Despite the warnings by marijuana opponents that legalization would lead to a spike in teen use, the opposite has occurred in Colorado, according to a new study. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health surveyed 2,000 Colorado teens in 2015-16 and found 9.08 percent had used marijuana in the past month. That was down […]

A Brief History of Cannabis and Criminalization in the USA

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who, at some point in their lifetime, have found themselves in front of a judge for the simple crime of possessing marijuana, you may have asked yourself the question, “How did a plant that grows like a weed ever become illegal in the first place?” After all, […]

CBDs and Your Pet: A Healthy Way To Care For Your Best Furry Friend

CBD – three letters that are everywhere these days. Short for cannabidiol, it’s the non-psychoactive ingredient in some cannabis strains that has shown amazing potential for human health, from lowering anxiety to preventing seizures and even fighting cancer. But what about our pets? Dogs and cats and other furry friends can benefit from CBDs just […]

How to choose a bong for vaping

Just because you’ve graduated on to healthier ways to consume cannabis doesn’t mean you need to bail on your favorite bong! With the appropriate water-pipe-adapter (WPA) or a little stoner-engineering, you can hook your weed vape up to your bong and enjoy even cooler vapor than before! If you’re choosing a new bong for your […]

Ever considered a vape but found it too expensive……….

Vaporizers in 2018 are going mainstream and the technology is changing so fast it’s crazy! To answer everyone’s question “wow that is expensive…why should I pay so much for one”. Here are my suggestions when considering your new vaporizer purchase. First off, how much do you pay for your quality bud and concentrates? Many do […]

Food and Pot: What Sweet goes Better with Smoke

Food and Pot: What Sweet goes Better with Smoke Smoking weed is something all stoners love to do. But the real pros who always want to get the best out of their high know what kind of food they should eat and which will transcend their high to a whole different level. Yes, you read […]

NFL Athlete Wears Cannabis Support Cleats

NFL Athlete Wears Cannabis Support Cleats Popular personalities in the world of business, entertainment and sports are influential figures for the world over. The causes that they support and spread awareness about reaches the masses. Some celebrities and sports personalities take it upon themselves as a duty to promote the causes they feel should be […]

The Ideal Fertilizer Combo for Incredible Cannabis Growth

The Ideal Fertilizer Combo for Incredible Cannabis Growth The cannabis plant is like any other plant. It requires the right nutrients and as close to the ideal conditions to grow and prosper. The best way to go about it is to provide your cannabis plant with the right fertilizers and nutrients so that your cannabis […]

Which Cannabis Strain Contains the Highest Amounts of THC Content

Which Cannabis Strain Contains the Highest Amounts of THC Content Breeding cannabis has taken a turn for the surreal over the last few decades. The plethora of strains found naturally in different parts of the world has different levels of potency. They then met the advancements in biotechnology. As a result, thousands of different strains […]
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