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Wing Reflector

What does Wing Reflector mean? A wing reflector diverts the light’s rays from a light bulb downward onto the plant. The wings of the reflector further capture additional light and focus it towards all the plant’s surfaces that are placed beneath the light. Without a reflector, the light from the bulb is dispersed upwards, as well as […]


What does Wilt mean? Wilt is what occurs when the non-woody parts of a plant lose their rigidity and it begins to droop. Wilt can be the result of environmental conditions, such as a lack of water, or it can be the caused by outside factors or diseases. In many cases, plant wilt is simply a sign […]

Wick System

What does Wick System mean? A wick system is a watering method for potted plants that uses a soft fabric string known as a wick. One end of the wick is buried in the soil, and the other end hangs into a pot, dish, or bucket of water. Water will flow up the wick and water the […]


What does Wick mean? A wick system is a hydroponic growing set-up used by cannabis growers seeking an affordable, low-effort method of growing marijuana. In a wick system, a cotton wick absorbs water and nutrients from a solution, and supplies it to growing plants in containers. Essentially, the wick system works on the same principle as an […]

Willow Extract

What does Willow Extract mean? Willow extract is used as an organic rooting stimulator or growth booster, encouraging plant roots to grow stronger and faster in any type of gardening set-up. Willow extract contains two auxins – salicylic acid and indolebutyric acid – and is obtained from the growing tips of willow branches. When it comes to […]


What does Whorled mean? A whorl is defined as a spiral arrangement. In the context of botany, whorled defines a circular arrangement that is extended from a single point and wraps around the stem. There are whorled petals, sepals, branches or stipules. Though whorled leaves are atypical, there are some plants with short internodes of whorled leaves […]

White Widow

What does White Widow mean? White Widow is a hybrid marijuana strain that balances a Brazilian sativa land race and a resin heavy South Indian indica. The composition includes sativa (60%) and indica (40%) and with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (about 18-25%), cannabidiol (CBD) (about 1%), and cannabiniol (CBN) (about 1%). Due to the 3:2 ratio of sativa and […]

Whole Plant Cannabis

What does Whole Plant Cannabis mean? Whole Plant Cannabis is a term used to denote the extract made from cannabis buds, some leaves, and possibly some stem. This is opposed to the common isolated forms readily available on the consumer market known as CBD cannabinoids or THC cannabinoids. It has been shown scientifically that increasing use of […]


What does Whitefly mean? Whiteflies are small insects that feed on the undersides of plants. To most people, they would appear to be tiny moths. There are more than 1,500 known species around the world. More Info On Whitefly Whiteflies are sap-sucking insects that feed on the nutrients plants receive and can literally suck the life out of […]

White Rhino

What does White Rhino mean? White Rhino is the name of a cannabis strain. It is a hybrid of two other strains; White Widow and an unknown Native America strain are the parent plants of White Rhino. The White Rhino plant’s lineage can be traced to Afghanistan, Brazil, and India. The strain is highly favored by medical […]
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